Spring bursts forward with optimism, bringing assertive energy that makes no apologies for its vital force. It’s a time of birth and growth, highlighting the essence of the Wood element. 
Wood, which has stored and concentrated its power during the Winter, now bursts forth with new life. This is the energy of youth, and a vision of a whole new cycle.
Use these images as a reminder throughout the year to:
trust creation,
embrace change,
sharpen your vision,
birth new ideas,
move forward.

These images work well in pairs, but are also available as individual prints
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Set 2
Set 3
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Set 8
Set 9
Set 10
Set 11
Set 12
Set 13
Set 14
Set 15
Set 16
Set 17
Set 18
23 x 35 print on 24 x 36 sheet (inches)
33 x 50 print on 35 x 52 sheet (inches)
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