Teens are aliens,
A seed takes hold in compost,
Raw genius in bloom.
This series of images portrays a group of teenage girls with their hand-made dresses from recycled materials, posing like the fashion models they see every day. The dresses were created during a design workshop at Common Threads in Boulder, CO.
Today's youth is increasingly aware of the need for reducing the consumption of raw materials, recycling and waste production. It could be said that our society is in its youth of sustainable management of resources. The juxtaposition of this self-selected group of girls with ghostly piles of trash and marine life illustrates the new spirit in fashion: unpretentious and eco-progressive, from the ground up.
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All images available as prints
First Prize winner of 2011 Annual Pollux Awards (Fashion Category) by Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.​​​​​​​
33 x 22 print on 36 x 24 sheet (inches)
50 x 33 print on 54 x 37 sheet (inches)
28 x 22 print on 30 x 24 sheet (inches)
50 x 40 print on 54 x 44 sheet (inches)

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