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24 x 36 print on 24 x 36 sheet (inches)​​​​​​​

Have Your Cake And Burn It Too
17 x 23 print on 18 x 24 sheet (inches)
29 x 39 print on 30 x 40 sheet (inches)
Full Of It
15 x 23 print on 16 x 24 sheet (inches)
29 x 44 print on 30 x 45 sheet (inches)

Everyone wants IT,
Packaged and presented ...
It's an inside job.
No matter how much we chase the next "IT factor", lasting joy is cultivated from inside.
Core Love
24 x 32 print on 28 x 36 sheet (inches)
36 x 48 print on 40 x 52 sheet

I used the sexual undertone of cut-open strawberries spread around white sheets to highlight the challenges in our daily decision-making process.  Do we always choose by our core values?  Or do we go by visual appeal, perceived gain and superficial pleasure hits?  And yes ... I ATE THEM ALL.
My Crystal Is Runneth Over
30 x 40 print on 34 x 44 sheet (inches)
36 x 48 print on 40 x 52 sheet (inches)

"If the only prayer we ever say in our lives is “Thank You” that will be enough.”
– Meister Eckhart

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