These pictures were born with “polaroid spirit” -- shot with whatever camera I had with me. I'm printing only one “papergram” of each to preserve their intimacy.
I deliberately chose the 16" x 20" paper size, because it’s a standard frame size in the U.S. — which means that cost-effective options are available everywhere.  Each print has a wide border to show off the luscious fine art paper.  This also means that you don't need to get a mat for the print.  With a simple white frame, you have a contemporary piece that goes with any style.
Of course, you can custom-frame your print to archival standards, but it will look stunning even with budget-conscious treatment.
They can stand on their own or make a wonderful addition to your gallery wall. I LOVE gallery walls, because they create an elegant space for mixing drawings, posters, maps and photographs -- works from our family and friends, and the artists we love.
Visit this Pinterest Board to gather ideas for your (new) gallery wall, and how a collection of small works can make a big impact in your space. 
Edition of 1 + 1 AP
16 x 20 inch archival pigment prints​​​​​​​
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