Change is the only constant.
We have a love-hate relationship with change.  When things are going poorly, we take comfort in the fact that our situation will transform.  On the other hand, we wish that the best aspects of our lives will stay solid.
Yet, we can't forget that we’re extremely resilient to change.
This study of entwined nude and fog contemplates the fluidity of our physical, spiritual and intellectual being.  Water is the only thing on Earth that naturally occurs as a solid, liquid and gas. To my eyes, the fog appears to be between the solid and non-solid states, in constant motion of organic change.
This fluidity describes our bodies, thought processes and spiritual explorations through time. It reminds us of our resilience.
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Honorable Mention in the 2011 Jacob Riis Award, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
Excellence Award from B&W Magazine 2011 Portfolio Contest
A few suggested sizes:
23 x 17 print on 24 x 18 sheet (inches)
36 x 26 print on 40 x 30 sheet (inches)
48 x 35 print on 53 x 40 sheet (inches)​​​​​​​

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