Nothing matters, everything counts. 
This series is about "small things" -- how they gradually end up making a big impact in our lives. 

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If you want to dress up a large wall, these prints are super fun in a group of 3 or more to create fresh conversation in your home or office.​​​​​​​  With simple frames, you'll have a contemporary display that goes with any style.  
We’re wired to notice the sensational — words and images that shout.  It’s difficult to say if these "hits” make us feel uncomfortable or turned on, but we're spellbound regardless.
The background squares symbolize the partial “snapshots” we encounter daily -- like the squares on our Instagram feed, or the words that stand out from the headlines.  The spilled glass illustrates the fragmented nature of these inputs and the unique, colorful narratives we create. 
What a beautiful mess!
I Think About You
Colliding with inspiration takes up significant space in our daily lives.  Our focus on a person, project or an idea moves through phases of hot passion and chilling indifference, transforming every single day.  Within each cycle, we get to observe our worth, our vanity and our unity.
The words on the background portray our obsessive thinking mind.  The melting pops speak to our emotional blending with our "lover".  

Should (Not)
As someone who spent a number of years in marketing, I truly appreciate the zest of attention-grabbing headlines.  It’s highly recommended to include numbers (like in “10 top secrets”) and words that convey urgency of action and ease of use.
Yet, when seeing 100s of expertly-written headlines in my own inbox, I occasionally feel my heart bleed.  This piece encourages me to stay balanced: to continue being a life-long student, but also listen to what I know in my heart to be true and right for me.


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