I create photography-based collage art
to spark fresh conversation in your home or office.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

You can purchase fine art prints of completed work, or commission me to create custom collages, wall installations and "story portraits" that bring more of you to light.
Imagine a friend stepping into your house, stopping in her tracks and asking:  “What’s this?”  “What does it mean?”  As the dialogue continues, (s)he will likely learn something completely new about you, and you’ll discover a new side of them.  You both feel seen and elevated.​​​​​​​

Conceptual Photography and Collage

If you like work that's intellectually stimulating yet easy to live with, you're in the right place. ​​​​You can:
transform your space
create dialogue
make new connections
tell your story
elevate mindfulness, and 
inspire creativity

What experience do you want to have and give in your space?

Story Portraits

A modern portrait can serve brilliantly as wall art, because you can make it incredibly personal and meaningful.  I love building these in true collaboration — from concept creation to how it will be installed.
Our goal is to portray not just your physical likeness, but speak to your present and future visions.  What do you want to magnify in your life?  Strength, service, creativity, or deeper care for our environment?  
Possibilities abound.
Custom Work

Similarly to Story Portraits, this work starts with you.  What insights and values would you like to communicate?  As an example, the first collage image below was built in appreciation of global travel opportunities and the great outdoors, while keeping our environmental responsibility front and center.

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