I built the image below in appreciation of global travel opportunities.  Growing up in the former Soviet Union behind closed borders, I've never taken the open world for granted ... even now, after seeing many exotic and beautiful places.  
I used both physical and digital collage techniques to combine images from Iceland and Costa Rica. Thinking of the increasingly blurred lines between the physical and digital experiences of our daily life. 
The center image was taken on a Diamond Beach in Iceland, reminding me of finding "diamonds" of learning and inspiration in any place or situation.  
While photographing the collage, I accidentally broke a heirloom crystal champagne class.  It instantly became a part of the image -- signifying the heirloom nature of our environmental beauty and natural resources.  In my culture, breaking a glass also means "good luck" or a positive breakthrough.  It reminds me of staying mindful in my own choices of consumption. 
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The next image was born from my deep affection for the most incredible, ridiculous and freeing festival of all festivals -- the Burning Man.  As an experiment of "collective dreaming", it highlights the magic of love and generosity. 
Out of the 10 principles of Burning Man, I focused this piece mostly on the principle of Radical Inclusion and living with an open heart.  It includes elements of masculine and feminine, familiar and "alien" -- all wrapped in fluid merging of colors. 
Archival Pigment Print
40 x 52 print on 40 x 52 sheet (inches)

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