Idols or leaders
Who breaks bread at your table
Study and revise
How does a principal character emerge in our individual and collective stories of the day? Who do we revere and for how long?
These images refer to a familiar composition of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" to draw parallels to the inevitable worship, betrayal and denial of those at the center of our attention.
Blending the central figure with background activity represents today's short-lived celebrity of an individual. We are now keenly aware of Andy Warhol's prediction that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." His quip has now been updated by blogging and other similar online phenomena to "In the future, everyone will be famous to 15 people."
It is also fascinating that the most famous (and in some ways, important) people in our lives are people we will never meet. More and more, we don't remember what actually happened to us, rather we recall what we've encountered digitally. Does it matter in the same way?
So, who do we acknowledge as the central figure? In some cases, it is a person who prospers within our system for one reason or another. I hope that more often it's a person who transforms the system and creates ground-breaking work.
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Silver Medalist, New Images Photography Awards, Gallery Photographica
First Runner Up for the Grand Prize, 2012 Fine Art Photography Competition
by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards

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