I photographed Anna Litvinova in her attic-studio overlooking the red rooftops of Tallinn.
Working deliberately and confidently, Anna’s large canvases come to life in a matter of minutes. In two short sittings I attained exactly what I had hoped for: photographs that are inspired by the fluid lines in her own paintings, the abstraction of figures, and her rich color palette (www.annalitvinova.com). The images were captured in-camera with slow shutter speeds and only minimal color tweaks in post-production.
Anna was sketching self-portraits in the first session. Reflective and introspective, each stroke of her brush “uncovered,” rather than added, layers of her personality.
Our second session had a distinctively different energy. Focused and on deadline, Anna was working from a live model. These punchier images showcase the intricacy of her Slavic temperament. The complexity of a woman who fluently speaks four languages and has lived in many different corners of the world.
I enjoyed the flow of us working together in the same space, yet separately focused on our own craft and artistic expression.

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