I’m intrigued by the irrational. How can we say we want one thing and then do another?  We say we want to be successful, but sabotage our productivity.  We want to be thin, but eat too much.  The contradictions never end.
There’s a substantial communion between inspiration and resistance, long-term gain and short-term pleasure, rational thinking and our instinctive impulses.
My artistic practice explores this space — to see its humor, frustrations and its value of always taking us forward. English author and philosopher Aldous Huxley puts it really well: “We cannot reason ourselves out of our basic irrationality.  All we can do is learn the art of being irrational in a reasonable way.”   
Placing this work on my walls always sparks fresh conversation and creates new connections with my family and friends. We feel we’ve been seen and heard by each other just a little bit more. I’ve been told that the same happens in other spaces.

Group Exhibitions

Celebrating Women, PhotoPlace Gallery - Online Gallery  (Juror: Joyce Tenneson, 2018) 
Portrait, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO  (Juror: Anna Walker Skillman, 2012)
Electron Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, CA (Juror: Rex Bruce, 2012)
Worldwide Photography Gala Awards Biennial, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Juror: Julio Hardy, 2012)
Wonderland: Photographic Fantasies, PhotoPlace Gallery, VT (Juror: Blue Mitchell, 2011)
Month of Photography, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2011
Consumption, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO (Juror: Brian Paul Clamp, 2010)
Communication, Second Place, 1650 Photography Gallery, LA (Juror: Mark Matsuno, 2010)
Bed Two, Umbrella Arts, NY (Juror: Harvey Stein, 2010)
The Art of Photography Today, Camera Obscura Gallery, CO (Jurors: Hal Gould, Loretta Young-Gautier, 2009)
Black and White Exhibition, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO (Juror: Jim Casper, 2009)
Art in Nature, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO (Juror: Kathy Morgan, 2009)
Interactions, The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO (Juror: Alison Nordstrom, 2007)


First Prize, Celebrations Photography Contest, Amateur Category, PDN (Jurors: Carrie Schwab, Neal H. Clipper, 2017)
Silver Medalist, New Images Photography Awards, Gallery Photographica (Juror: Rose Marasco, 2012)
First Runner Up, 2012 Fine Art Photography Competition, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (Juror: Julio Hardy, 2012)
First Prize, August Contest of Pollux Awards, Fashion Category, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (Juror: Larry Padgett, 2011)
First Prize, July Contest of Annual Pollux Awards, Abstract Category, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (Juror: Julio Hardy, 2011)
Excellence Award, Portfolio Contest, B&W Magazine, 2011
Honorable Mention, 2nd Edition of the Jacob Riis Award, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (Jurors: Chris Steele-Perkins, Tim Anderson, Larry Padgett, Sucheta Das, Julio Hardy, 2011)
Honorable Mention, The Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Portrait, People and Figure Category, Professional Category, 2010
Honorable Mention, The Dominant Color contest, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (Jurors: WPGA’s Editorial & Artistic Team and Julio Hardy, 2010)

The Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2010 
B&W Magazine Special Issue #84, 2011
Focus Magazine, Autumn 2011, Issue #21
Creative Quarterly, The Journal of Art and Design, Issue #30
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